Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Job Chart Success

I don't like a messy house. And yet, I find myself living in one. For the past 10 years I've tried to teach my children to simply clean up their own messes and help as needed. I have not been great at this process, and find that the house cleaning is a MAJOR part of my life. Is it really this way for all mothers?

I also try to teach them the value of hard work and dedication. My kids actually do work hard, but certainly more so when there is a reward attached. I have finally come up with a solution, that not only works- but that I am incredibly proud of. Of course, it was created at www.storybookforlife.com and was simple and easy to produce. If you have a Heritage Makers account I'd be happy to transfer the project to you, if you don't have an account go to my website and I'll help you get started.

Here's the process:

The charts were created on 12x12 pages and a FREE UV protector was added so that I can add more chores and write notes. Each member of the family has their own 12x12 board that the smaller pages can be added to (the chores were also created on 12x12 pages with 4 per page). Each square has an assignment with detailed instructions of what needs to be done in that room. For example: Downstairs Bathroom includes; dust picture frames,fold towels, restock toilet paper, clean glass with windex, clean sink and counters with Soft Scrub, clean toilet (bowl and around), wipe floor and baseboards. It also includes a Bonus: organize under sink, clean window.

Each chore also has a  dollar amount attached to it. I never liked the idea of giving an allowance without work involved- now they can earn money. And, they can now pay for things on their own. When we go to a movie as a family, they get to pay for themselves with the money they earned. They also can't do the "money jobs" without taking care of their individual responsibilities first.

I have the jobs on our back door that leads to the garage- it's a metal door so I can able to attach them with magnets (I used to be somewhat of a craft hoarder and have a HUGE roll of sticky magnet, and I find joy in finding a use for it).

When a job needs to be done, I move that page down to the bottom of the door. The kids can choose what they want to do, but it needs to be done before they have an option of choosing another job. That way, one particular child (Wyatt) won't grab all 6 jobs, slap them on his board and then spend the next two days to get them done. Because of the UV coating, the kids can check off the list and write notes on their boards. I write the amount that I owe them on their boards and then can pay as they need the money. 

Last weekend the kids wanted to go see The Lorax. I simply said they each needed to earn $5.00 and their were jobs that needed to be done. It worked like a charm! No more handing out money for doing nothing, no more arguing over jobs, and no more trying to explain everything that needs to be done for each room. It's right there in full color on the back of the door! 

Here's to long and workable job chart solution! 

I'm a Terrible Blogger

In my mind, I blog. For the past 10 months (which is the amount of time I've not posted on this blog), I *think about it all the time. I don't know if it's a lack of time, focus, energy, or just not feeling like my thoughts and ramblings warrant a blog post. I actually feel quilt over this~ which is silly because I blog simply for the joy of writing and connecting our family stories with others.

In reality, I've taken quite a hiatus from "blogs" altogether. I used to read several blogs of friends and family and recently have lost touch. It can actually see a difference in my mood when I lose that touch. I start to become more selfish in my every day dealings and stop listening and empathizing less with those around me. However, getting caught up in the blogging world can also have the same negative effect. When I start to believe that everybody has the reality they portray in their blogs I also get depressed. It is a fine line between perception and reality.

I guess Blogging does fill a void in me. I will make sure that my schedule permits me time to write, post, and share the things that are important to me.

Thanks for taking the time to let me share my quilt and resolve to change.

I don't need anybody to make me feel quilt- I do a good enough job bring it on myself.