Saturday, January 8, 2011

Spur of the Moment

Yesterday about noon Kirk and I were home working and trying to decide what we could do with the kids that would be fun. We are leaving on a cruise in a week and we wanted to have a family date night. We thought about the usual: bowling, dinner, movie- nothing too exciting. Then we remembered we had a coupon for a free hotel night that was expiring in two weeks. We booked the room in Salt Lake City, spent 10 minutes packing bags for the kids and took off. We picked them up at school and told them we were going to stay at a hotel, swim, relax, and eat. They were very excited.

Truth: We have a little car and three kids in the backseat is not entirely pleasant. Halfway into the 3 hour drive I got in the backseat and Avery rode up front. And three kids can be loud- very loud. However, we did make the journey without too many arguments. We got to the hotel and got a free upgrade to a suite.... it's amazing what you can get when you smile and ask nicely (and tell the girl at the front desk how pretty she is)! 

We got right to the pool and swam for hours. Lucky for us we were the only ones in the pool so we got to play keep-a-way, chicken fights, swim races, diving contests, and archery throws. After swimming we got in our pajamas, popped popcorn and watched TV.

After swimming again this morning we got ready and came home. For the past 15 years Kirk and I always play a game we call "SCAN." You put the car radio on scan and then you get one point for getting the name of the song first, and one point for getting the artist. If you go backwards or have to stop the point doesn't count. First one to five points wins a round- we often play best of 7 rounds.  Avery and Wyatt are getting pretty good also- they learn a lot of songs just by watching the Kids Bop commercials. Kirk used to kick my trash- BUT I am totally getting better. I beat him most of the time this trip.

We were gone just over 24 hours and created some great memories. LOWLIGHT: forgetting my camera!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

All About Mitchell

1. I turned 5 on Christmas Eve and had a big birthday party.
2. I love to play computer games and am so so so good- except I am not good at one game.
3. I go to two preschools. Darby's preschool, and preschool at the Elementary.
4. Everybody thinks I am so cute.
5. My best friend is Spencer Esplin, he's almost 5.
6. I look like my dad, so my nickname is Kirk Jr.
7. Sometimes I am shy, sometimes I am wild.
8. I want my own laptop.
9. Next year I get to go to Kindergarten.
10. I am super good at writing my name.
11. I am really brave when I get shots and don't even cry a little.
12. My mom rubs my back every night so I can go to sleep better.
13. During family scripture study I just like to mark/ color my scriptures.
14. I have a Santa costume that I get to wear when it's my birthday.
15. My middle name is Mann.
16. I have really big muscles.
17. I like to trick or treat year round. The neighbors give me candy when I put on a costume and go over.
18. I take baths with lots of bath toys.
19. I am really good at shooting nerf guns.
20. When I grow up I want to be a garbage man or a mailman.
21. I like when my mom makes Heritage Makers books about me.
22. I didn't talk until I was four. My speech therapist told my mom I had control issues.
23. I like having snowball fights.
24. I complain every Sunday about going to church, but once I get there I like it.
25. My favorite way to fall asleep is when I am watching TV.

All About Wyatt

1. I love to play sports: basketball, football, baseball, soccer, and gymnastics.
2. The NFL network is my favorite TV channel.
3. My favorite football team is the Pittsburg Steelers.
4. I am in second grade and my teacher is Mr. Mack.
5. I turn 8 in three weeks and get to be baptized!
6. When I was really little I thought my name was Wyatt Quiet.
7. I don't like Halloween because it is a scary holiday.
8. My mom wishes I didn't like to wear jeans with holes in them.
9. I am pretty good at computer games, but wish I had a gaming system (my mom hates video games). 
10. I am excited to have my birthday party at the Rexburg carousel.
11. I have never had a cavity.
12. I had a big metal trailer fall on my head and pushed it off me, then I had to get staples in my head.
13. I like to drive with my dad to Nebraska and keep him company.
14. I won a 4-wheeler at a New Years Eve party in 2008
15. I like to sleep with stuffed animals and have lots on my bed.
16. I was born in Orem UT, but moved to Idaho when I was six months old.
17. I ride on the firetruck with Grandpa Mann every year for the 4th of July.
18. My name means "Warrior"
19. I like to play with friends every day.
20. All of my cousins live in Nebraska.
21. I want everybody to be happy and hate when anybody fights.
22. I feel sad when I make anybody feel bad and always try to be a good friend.
23. I like to go grocery shopping with my dad.
24. I get to build a car for the pine wood derby this year.
25. I have a messy room and don't like to clean it.... but I like it when my mom cleans it.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

All About Avery

1. When getting my kindergarten shots, it took 7 nurses to hold me down.
2. I love being 10 years old, because I am double digits.
3. I used to be a competitive gymnast.
4. I was only 3 pounds when I was born, but was always very healthy.
5. I hate drinking soda- I always choose water.
6. I am going to have perfect attendance at school this year.
7. I am in an advanced program, and go to a different school on Thursdays.
8. I really wanted a perm, until I had one. Now I want straight hair again.
9. My skin is really dry on my hands and I HATE it.
10. My favorite restaurant is Olive Garden.
11. I take art classes and really love to create things. I also like pottery.
12. I write songs, poems, and short stories.
13. I am the oldest in my family and have two younger brothers.
14. I hate to throw anything away: papers, toys, old clothes, etc....
15. I am saving my money to visit my Aunt Karyn in New York City.
16. I was born on my great grandma's birthday. She is 82 years older than me and still alive.
17. I took piano for two weeks, but never practiced so I decided to quit.
18. I love to read and try to finish a whole chapter book everyday.
19. For the last three years in school, I have gotten a first year teacher.
20. I like to babysit and am really good with little kids.
21. I don't sleep a lot at night and get up and watch TV early in the morning.
22. I love to eat candy- a lot.  
23. Cheerleading is my favorite sport. I practice all the time, and am excited to get to tryout in 3 years.
24. I think brothers are very annoying. I want a sister- any offers?
25. I have glasses, but I forget to wear them.... I think they are lost.

All About Kirk

1. I only shave twice a week (at the most).
2. I have never, and never plan to have any surgery.
3. I am the shortest of my six brothers (I am 5'11", and my tallest brother is 6'9").
4. My church calling is working with the 10 year old scouts.
5. I hate taking baths, but have to shower at least once a day.
6. My favorite sport is basketball.
7. I think that the Olive Garden is "chic food."
8. I don't like sugar candy, but would prefer a donut.
9. I don't wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row- only because I think shoes need to "rest".
10. I had five wisdom teeth, and enjoyed getting them pulled.
11. I love carousels and want to build one someday.
12. I play the piano.
13. Dr. Who is my favorite TV show.
14. I know my Horse Pedigrees better than I know my own geneology.
15. My favorite football team is the New York Jets.
16. I love having a son who looks just like me.
17. I cook the majority of meals for our family.
18. I collect old Morgan Horse Journals and love to look through them.
19.I want to drive Route 66 from Chicago to LA with my family.
20. I love eating diner food- and when I travel I go to as many "famous" diners as possible.
21. I am an excellent swimmer and was a life guard for many years.
22. I served a mission for the LDS church in LA California.
23. Most of the books I read are Church based books.
24. When I am in control of the radio I listen to KLOVE.
25. After doing Kareoke on our first cruise in 2007, I bought a whole kareoke system.

Monday, January 3, 2011

All About Kymberly

A few months ago on facebook it seemed like everybody was making a list of "25 Things About Me". Everyday more and more friends were posting about themselves- it was a fun way to learn more about my friends and see how many similarities and differences we really do share. In light of those lists that had surfaced, I am going to make lists about everybody in our family!

1. I think I am always right.
2. Purple is my favorite color (purple laptop, purple phone, purple coat).
3. I wish I was skinnier, and have tried every diet.
4. I clean very quickly and wish I could hire somebody to clean as fast as me.
5. I actually enjoy waking up at 5:00 a.m. to go to the gym- especially on Zumba days! 
6. I have always been very blessed to have an amazing group of friends. 
7. I wish I had the time and energy to be more "maintained".... nails, hair, clothes, accessories- but I don't.
8. Growing up I didn't get along with my sister (1.5 years older than me), but now that she lives across the country I miss her and wish we could get together more.
9. I love being pregnant and was blessed with great pregnancies and deliveries.
10. I wear high heels everywhere (except tennis shoes to the gym).
11. 4 year old kids are my favorite age (my youngest just turned 5).
12. I love being a Heritage Makers consultant.
13. My favorite time is 10:02: it's the span between the most productive hours of the day... and my birthday: October 2!
14. I hate to drive- I much prefer to be a passenger, and often have others drive my car!
15. One of my (few) talents is teaching children. I have served in the primary for 10 years and am a great preschool gymnastics teacher.
16. I decorate for Christmas the day after Halloween (3 trees, 50 Santas, nativities, garland, ribbon, teddy bears, lights, etc...)
17. I don't like to cook.
18. I can still do back hand springs.
19. I would have a difficult time getting through the day without my cell phone.
20. I would rather "camp" out in a parking lot at 3:00 a.m. waiting for a store to open on Black Friday, than camp in a tent.
21. I love to read and am very much enjoying the Kindle I got for Christmas.
22. I have incredible parents that would do anything for me or my children.... in fact, some of my friends have asked to be adopted by them.
23. I love to go on cruises (especially Heritage Makers ones that I don't have to pay for).
24. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have a testimony of the gospel.
25. I am proud to be a mother and wife and love my family very much.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

How Honest are Blogs?

As I begin this new journey of blogging, the questions keeps coming to my mind of, "How honest should I be in my blog?" Is it one of those avenues of communication when the natural reaction is to say, "I'm doing great, things are going well, etc...". Or do I be very honest with my readers (just my mom for now), and mention the struggles, trials, doubts, and insecurities that I really feel?

As I have pondered this issue, I have decided that in order to get the most out of my blogging experience, I am going to be completely honest. It may make me uncomfortable, embarrassed, and seemingly confused at times- But, I also think that it will have deeper meaning, help me connect with more people, and ultimately discover some truths.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Truth Vs. Traditional

I had so much fun with my Christmas card this year. Here's a sample of my text:

Every year as we start to write Christmas cards the same thoughts go through our minds.... how can we take our seemingly average life and make it sound as good as possible: so this year we are giving you both sides: the "Traditional Christmas Card" version, and the actual Truth. Enjoy!

Traditional: We love to stay busy and this year was no exception. We have both been working hard with our businesses and enjoy that they continue to grow.
Truth: We are tired. Work is hard, exhausting, and time consuming. Sometimes (many times) we just want to order pizza, hire somebody to clean the house, and watch TV.

Traditional: Kirk has spent many hours building an addition to the horse shed and is thrilled to be able to spend time with his horses.
Truth: Kymberly hates horses, and the shed has taken far too much time.

Traditional: Taking the family to Disneyland this year was a delight.
Truth: 14 hours in the car with 3 kids is tough. Disneyland was Crowded and we waited over three hours for some rides. However, it was still a great surprise for the kids and we made some great memories!

Traditional: How lucky we have been to travel with our jobs this year: Kym has been able to travel to Arizona, Texas, Indiana, and Utah with Heritage Makers and Kirk has been all over the country: from Washington to Georgia with his Cleaning Business. We also enjoyed a trip to Mexico courtesy of HM (truth).
Truth: The kids are raising themselves! Sometimes we feel like ships passing in the night and spend many hours coordinating schedules. We are grateful for the opportunity we have to work and both love our jobs.

Traditional: We LOVE this time of year, and as always Kymberly pulled out the Christmas decor November 1st and lit the trees. We find great joy in celebrating the season as long as we can.
Truth: Kym is crazy. She is very competitive and likes to be the first one with her decorations up. Kirk is supportive, but takes no responsibility in the issue.

Traditional: Last month we had our family pictures taken. It was so much fun to watch our children listen to the photographer as their personalities were captured!
Truth: Family pictures were a nightmare! We spend the whole time threatening/yelling/ and bribing the children to behave. At least the pictures turned out all right.

Traditional: We are grateful for the Gospel in our lives and the knowledge we have of Jesus Christ. We have been blessed this year with supportive family, incredible friends, and good health. We wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
And that's the Truth!

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