Monday, January 28, 2013

A Few Questions Answered

Since I posted last week about Avery and I taking off to L.A. I've had mixed responses from people. Some are excited, some confused, and some skeptical. I am cautious about being defensive because I truly appreciate truthful reactions from my friends and loved ones.

The most concerned questions from people is that they are worried that we have put a lot of money into this process. The answer is NO. When Avery first started this journey, I read and researched everything I could find. What I discovered is that there are a lot of companies who are willing to "sign" as a manager if you pay them thousands of dollars upfront (Then pay for everything else they suggest). We didn't pay anything for our management company, agents, or reps. They only get paid after Avery does- and the percent is the industry standard of 15%. After Avery took the classes in Idaho Falls (that we did pay for), she had some support and contacts to get interviews and auditions with the management company we are signed up.

The only thing we are paying for while we are in L.A is: optional acting classes, optional updated head shots, and hair/makeup treatments she may need: and we get to choose what to do or not do. Avery is enrolled in acting class currently with Cynthia Bain- she is one of the best coaches in the industry and we love her (she's a casting director for Nickelodeon). We pay for these classes: but let me stress that the amount we pay is the same amount we pay for Wyatt to do a basketball camp, or Avery to do a cheerleading team. She is learning a skill that will help her in the future as she interviews for jobs, works in any field, and applies for college, and raises a family.

Thanks for all the continued support, love, and caution! It is accepted and appreciate :)

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